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"Having experienced the HD Car Projection technology from on my most recent feature, I have decided I will never use another car mount again."

-Ivan Reitman

HD Car Projection

Simple and inexpensive is better

HD Car Projection

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We specialize in HD PROJECTION CAR PROCESS PLAYBACK and capture process plates for projection playback on set. Some of the credited show's we have worked on are "Jersy Boys", "Hitchcock", "Ray Donovan", "The Bridge", "See Dad Sun", "Episodes", "Rake", "No String Attached" and many more.


Playback Services

24 Frames Playback Services

Full rental company for your 24/30 frame playback needs.

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We provide superior 24 frame video and computer playback services on set as well as shoot and edit special video segments for all of your playback needs executed by qualified operators on every shoot.

Custom/Stock Graphics has a large stock graphics library. From medical and military, to police and video games, our stock graphics library will meet all of your computer and TV monitor needs. For a more custom approach look to our experienced design team to create superior script specific graphics for your production.

Set Dressing has an extensive inventory of 24/30 frame Video/Computer Playback and Video Assist Equipment, including all of the peripheral gear to make it work in sync for you. We invite you to come down any time and view our set up.